Increase efficiency of the press section

EVp Web Stabilizer™ creates a high vacuum level under the dryer fabric which keeps the sheet in contact with the dryer fabric. 

Typical problems with an unsupported web transfer from press to the dryer section:

Between the press and the dryer section there is typically an unsupported sheet draw. Moving surfaces such as felts, fabrics, rolls and the web create considerable air flows and pressure differences which cause sheet flutter.


By increasing the draw, runnability can be controlled, but a too high draw can lead to breaks, defects, high shrinkage, quality problems and tail threading problems. In addition, the sheet MD/CD strength ratio increases and the reduction in sheet elasticity has a negative effect for the end users.

EVp Web Stabilizer supports the sheet from the press to the dryer section. There is no mechanical contact between the stabilizer and the drying fabric.

Benefits with EVp Web Stabilizer:

  • Improved runnability
  • Fewer breaks
  • Lower draw - less chemical pulp and easier to achieve strength requirements
  • Better paper quality
  • Speed increase
  • Easier tail threading
  • Wider sheet at reel