Improve runnability in the free-standing press

An EVsp Web Stabilizer™ improves runnability and efficiency in a free-standing press by creating vacuum between the stabilizer and the press felt.

Typical problems in a free-standing press:

The free-standing press constitutes a typical runnability bottleneck in paper machine efficiency. Press felts pump and produce an air layer between the web and the press felt creating blowing problems.


High permeability of especially new press felt can cause air bubbles before the press nip.

An EVsp Web Stabilizer eliminates the blowing problem by blowing air out of the nip and thereby creating vacuum. There is no mechanical contact between the stabilizer and the press felt. 

Benefits with EVsp Web Stabilizer:

  • Improved runnability at the press section
  • Fewer breaks
  • Lower draw - less chemical pulp and easier to achieve strength requirements
  • Better paper quality
  • Speed increase
  • Easier and safe tail threading