Keep your dryer fabrics clean, cost-effectively

EV Cleaner™ is an economical, maintenance-free solution for dryer fabric cleaning. It maintains high permeability level and prolongs the life time of the dryer fabrics.

Operation principle of EV Cleaner

The EV Cleaner sprays low pressure water to the closing nip during a web break. Typically even 20-30 seconds of cleaning is very efficient, as cleaning water is pressed through the fabric in the closing nip. Contamination and excess water are removed by a specially designed save-all. 

Cleaning period is adjusted according to PM operation: depending on speed, break frequency, fabric length, pulp and vacuum roll locations. Cleaning may be performed on a daily basis or less frequently.

EV Cleaner is easy and maintenance-free

The EV Cleaner does not require high pressure water or compressed air and it does not include any moving parts. This is why it operates reliably in the hot and moist conditions of the hood. Compared to more complicated cleaning systems, it ensures excellent results very cost-effectively.

Small investment with great benefits

The investment cost is similar to the cost of a couple of dryer fabrics. While EV Cleaner maintains cleanliness and high permeability, you may use your fabric throughout the entire mechanical fabric life time. In many paper grades this means 3 or 4 times longer fabric life time.

The operation costs are minimal or zero - you need only very little water compared to the other cleaning methods. No electricity needed.


  • Retained high permeability
  • Increased fabric life
  • Cost saving by more efficient drying
  • Reduced break frequency
  • Improved moisture profile
  • Reduced dirt contamination on rolls
    and cylinders
  • Maintenance free solution

Excellent results with news, lwc and wood free paper machines.