Avoid customer complaints due to dirty cylinder surfaces

EV ReDoc® is a continuous reconditioning system for paper machine cylinder and roll surfaces. The system eliminates dirt like stickies, fibers and coating colour from cylinder surfaces.

Dirty cylinder surfaces create many problems in the dryer section:

  • paper or board quality problems
  • reduced heat transfer and uneven moisture profile
  • breaks
  • production time waste, profit loss
  • additional cleaning costs

The EV ReDoc system is applicable for all different paper and board grades and production speeds.

Operation principle of EV ReDoc

The EV ReDoc system is based on an innovative, patented construction. It includes a beam, adjusting unit, steel brushes, gear motor and control unit. The steel brushes collect dirt in the bristles and stores it until the end of the cylinder surface. The dust and dirt is removed from the brush when the brush reaches the end of cylinder surface.

Brushes do not create any deformation or erosion of the surface. Due to continuous reconditioning, rolls and cylinders stay as good as new. Even old and worn out cylinders can be cleaned effectively with the help of EV ReDoc, where conventional doctoring system is not efficient enough. Electricity consumption of the EV ReDoc system is minimal.


  • Improved paper or board quality
  • Improved heat transfer to the web → reduced energy costs
  • Once cleaned surface stays clean for a very long time
  • Good moisture profiles, minor need to correct the profile with steam box or over-drying
  • Good runnability and permeability of the fabrics


EV ReDoc in action