Reduce mist and humidity loads with an EV MRS technology

EV Mist Removal System™ provides effective mist removal combined with a fabric cleaning system in the forming section.

With the help of an EV MRS the forming fabric remains dryer leading to improved dewatering with a higher dry content after the forming section, improved runnability and reduced overall energy consumption. 

Several significant problems originate in the forming section because of high pressure showers. HP showers create a lot of mist that follows the fast running wire and spreads to the surrounding area of the wire section. Mist consists not only water but also fibers and fillers, contaminating headbox, forming section frames, save-alls, doctor frames and generally all devices installed cross the machine.

Contaminants like fiber and filler lumps drop back to the wire or the paper web causing paper quality problems such as holes, defects, breaks and even wire damage.

At the same time mist has a negative effect on machine hall air condition. High humidity level worsens the working conditions and it harms constructions in the hall.

EV Mist Removal System, EV MRS™, eliminates the mist effectively, and also assist in wire cleaning thus meaning less need for forming section cleaning and reduced number of web breaks (time loss).


  • Less breaks → improved runnability
  • Reduced time for wire section cleaning
  • Reduced paper defects due to minimized dirt built-up
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Fast payback time
  • Improved working environment in the machine hall
  • Improved dewatering and higher dry content after forming section 

    → reduced energy consumption


The main part of the EV MRS technology is the mist suction box, which evacuates mist caused by the HP-shower and simultaneously cleans the full width of the forming fabric. In addition to these main functions, a lot of attention has been paid to handling the exhausted mist in the most economical way. The system includes exhaust air ducts leading from the suction box to a droplet separator and from there further outdoors through on exhaust air fan and sound attenuator, where needed. 

The EV Mist Removal System is available for different kinds of paper machine geometries, both for top and bottom forming fabrics.


EV MRS at bottom wire