Eliminate cleanliness problems in the wet end

EV Online Cleaning System™ improves the forming section and stock preparation cleanliness and efficiency in paper and board machines. The system minimizes the risk and possibility for cleanliness and hygiene problems in the wet end.

Poor wet end cleanliness and hygiene cause:

  • Fibre accumulations
  • Bacteria growth
  • Slime
  • Quality problems
  • Runnability problems


  • Breaks
  • Waste of production time and chemicals
  • Risks safety in the mill because of slippery surfaces and impurities in the air

→ Decreased efficiency rate 

The EV Online Cleaning System keeps the main wet end areas clean from unwanted dirt built-ups. Washing bars can rotate 360 degrees in both directions and the number of cleaning units depends on the area to be kept clean. A unique type of connection between the washing bars ensures flexibility to reach even difficult cleaning areas.

EV Online Cleaning System keeps all wet end areas clean:

  • Channels
  • Towers
  • Tanks
  • Bow screens
  • Disc filters
  • Water plates
  • Surface of open areas
  • Thickeners


The system operates during normal run. The main idea is that usage of fresh water is not increased. The system operates with 10 to 12 bar pressure and super clear filtrate.



  • Prevents fibre accumulations, bacteria growth and slime
  • Fewer breaks and reduced amount of paper defects
  • Safe and healthier working conditions
  • No time or chemicals required for manual cleaning during breaks