Obtain reliable data on process operations

EV Web Eye™ measures the machine direction sheet moisture and temperature trends on a continuous basis. EV Web Eye can be positioned after the press section but also in other sections of the machine.

Often the sheet moisture and temperature level is measured at the reeler or before the coater or sizer. However, adjustment of the sheet moisture level based on information received at the end of the process does not provide any control of the moisture level in the forming, pressing and drying sections. 

The adjustment of the moisture level based on end moisture may even worsen the situation because there is no real time information available on the sheet moisture after the press section.

EV Web Eye can be positioned immediately after the press section enabling the localization of problems in the forming and press sections and efficient optimization of machine operation. The accurate and real time measurement of the moisture trend early helps to optimize right at the beginning of the production process all the important production parameters that influence the end result. EV Web Eye gives information about parameters such as water removal in the forming section, function of presses, usage of dewatering chemicals and steam box adjustments.

The moisture level is measured with infrared which ensures accurate information with a fast and reliable optimization of production parameters. 


  • Provides measurement information on sheet and tail moisture and temperature for controlling the forming, pressing and drying sections
  • Helps localization of production problems
  • Optimization of production parameters
  • Improved paper quality

EV Web Eye is for all paper, board and coating machines producing 20-200 g/m² paper or board and for all machine speeds.